Thursday, 28 February 2013

Going Vegan

Welcome one and all to this wonderful event where I officially declare my (temporary? strict?) veganism (again).

This comes as a direct result of watching too many TED talks on plant based diets and the benefits for obesity and diabetes etc. I just want to be healthy and I feel that this is the direction the world will take in the future (probably won't but I can hope).

Aside from the obvious benefits of not eating animals who spend most of their lives ankle deep in their own shit, it kind of just doesn't make sense to eat meat. It's pretty expensive for the individual and it's also unsustainable globally.

The evidence is clear that the sheer quantity of meat and dairy that we eat is problematic. This video highlights the fact that the most long-lived cultures in the world have plant based diets (and an active lifestyle etc) and these videos (12345) talk about what is so good about plants and bad about animal products (no word on honey... I really hope I don't have to give up honey!)

In conclusion - cows are cool, don't eat them!

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