Friday, 19 April 2013

1000 page views - disqus and more!

First the 'and more'. I'm finally on google searches! I'm so happy a tear is welling in the corner of my keyboard! Check it out yourself, go to google and type - "Write drunk; edit sober" -Ernest Hemingway - and I'm like the 5th result! (is it the same for everybody?) Anyway it feels like I've made it now that I've shown up in a Google search somewhere :)

Secondly the disqus - if you scroll down to the bottom (and please do :D), you'll see a new comment widget which allows you to comment with facebook, with twitter or any number of different ways including registering for a disqus commenting account if somehow you don't have facebook, twitter, g+ or  (takes seconds and you don't have to leave this page!) - Anyway you finally have a voice! Use responsibly ;P

And finally the 1000 page views - I've been plugging away for just over two months with this blog and I've resisted posting every 100 page views but I feel like 1000 is a nice milestone to brag about a little :) Now I promise you won't hear from me on the subject again until at least 5,000 or 10,000 (I havn't decided yet)

Okay okay, I'll leave you in peace now, but thank you for reading, I hope you've learnt something, or laughed at something in my blog these past few months. Or maybe you've just enjoyed watching the train wreck that is my degree flying past while I focus on this blog too much!

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Lots of love, Dan
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