Friday, 5 April 2013

A Nymph Beneath a Wishing Tree

Can you mend a broken heart?
My pain will cause the leaves to part,
Revealing solely unto me
A nymph beneath a wishing tree.

The softest skin I ever saw.
I've stood here in this place before.
I'm holding on, I fear too much!
Your fearless face I dread to touch.

For what, I fear, will come to me?
Devoured 'neath a wishing tree.
Alas, my fear, it was in vain
And here I stand, eyes filled with shame.

As I am forced to watch you leave
As gently as the forest breathes.
I turn my back and fairly step
Down from this stage where I once slept

And wonder, almost willingly,
"What waits for me beneath the tree
I visit next". My strength is sapped
Yet here I only feel trapped.

So I must go, make haste, set tread
And power onwards through the dread.
Until I find a place of hope,
With endless travel, I must cope.

I'll wander almost wilfully
To seek a place where I can be,
To drown my fears in icy pool
With waters still and forest's rule.

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