Friday, 28 June 2013

Does structure aid creativity?

Here I am; Friday. I have no idea what to write for my blog today... nothing amazing seems to have happened. A couple of weeks ago I promised to write a new post every Friday. Some of my favourite things to do are regularly updated (that sounds a little odd...). Things like Ctrl-Alt-Del which I haven't read in years. Things like the vlogbrothers. In other words, creative work. The idea is twofold. Since I'm updating regularly, you no longer need to see my post on facebook to know I have a new blog entry, you just have to check back on Friday. The second part is that it pushes me to write and to come up with interesting content even when I'm perhaps not inspired to. It's a step towards more professional creative work and I hope it works out for you and for me.

In other news - I'm now the proud owner of a physics degree :) Yay me! Now what?

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