Sunday, 25 August 2013

Want to start programming?

I don't know who among you knows that I love to program.... but I love to program. And I think you might too.

Are you the sort of person who enjoys su dokus? Who is fascinated by Rubick's cubes and who loves puzzle games?

I think there are a lot of people out there who would enjoy and benefit from learning programming and using it, both in their everyday lives and at work.

My job right now is to copy and paste data from one spreadsheet to another. I have to make sure that all the data is in all the right columns and that all the relevant data is present. Sounds boring, right? Enough to put you to sleep? Well I can quickly write a program that will do the job for me. Now it doesn't matter if they give me 10 spreadsheets or 10,000 spreadsheets. I can do them all with little to no effort because I have written to program to do it for me. Aside from this sort of application, you can just use it for fun, or use it competitively (CodeJamSome ChallengesProject Euler).

I'm not going to teach you squat about programming today. I'm going to leave that to you. I just want to show you how easy it can be to get started. I recommend Python because it is straight forward and easy to learn.

If you want to just jump right into the questions and learn it that way then by far the best place you can go is to LearnStreet. This is like programming with somebody patiently talking you through the process of learning to program. The code is all typed into the website so nothing needs to be installed. It does require you to sign up after the first few problems but it is definitely worthwhile.

The next best place to go is This website again requires no installation. Just go onto that website and type: print 'I am gonna be awesome at this'.upper() + "!"*5
The website is designed to teach you python in a modular style. You start with the basics and move on to the harder stuff. It's basically interactive reading.

You can also look at Dive Into Python for pretty much the same thing with less interactivity (read: no interactivity). For this you will need to install python. There is a blog dedicated to that here.

A great resource for you will be the Python documentation. Any programming language will have a documentation. It is like a dictionary for the programming language and it will have all the information you need. But, at the end of the day, the best place to look is always Google.

Good luck and happy coding.

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