Saturday, 3 August 2013

That creative spark.

I've started writing my poetry again... well, actually I've started writing lyrics.

I used to write a lot of poetry a couple of years ago (over 200 poems). Here is one of my favourites. Lately however I have been feeling without inspiration. I have written some truly awful poems whilst trying to get back what I once had.

This stuff that I'm writing these days looks like my old poetry. The stuff I thought I had totally lost! It makes me wonder where creativity actually comes from. In this TED talk, Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love talks about the creative genius, not as an individual, but as something which accompanies an individual.

A genius, in the original sense, is a spirit which accompanies an individual and supplies them with the right words at the right time, or points them towards the right colour for the next brush stroke.

I think that this way of thinking is shared by a lot of the greats. There are some people who have talent pouring out their ears. They get such a great deal of inspiration that they reason the only way it could be possible is if an outside force was helping them.

It raises the question of How can you push beyond your ordinary limits without some external pressure?

As a creative individual, how can you rely upon your creativity? What happens if it abandons you like what happened to Metallica?

I'm going to keep writing as if each blog post, each lyric, each line could be my last.

Oh and by the way, I kind of have a job now - so Friday is suddenly no good for me to post blog entries. Saturday is the day buzzword on this blog.

I'll see you next Saturday.

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