Sunday, 31 March 2013

War isn't caused by religion

Whenever you go to that dark corner of the Internet, where atheists get all sanctimonious and start yelling at Christians, you'll find somebody saying something like "Without religion there would be no war" and swinging it around like a cricket bat.

I'm just here, to quickly say that you (Mr Irrational Atheist) are completely wrong. War is economic. Every single time, it is a response to the Malthusian principle that human population grows faster than growing agriculture can support. We start getting claustrophobic and being crushed up against our neighbours and so we lash out, we push them away (or kill them). Religion has to carry the burden of this blame because for years every time a country has had to go to war, they have used religion to rally the people under one banner. In this instance, as every other, religion is a tool. If we had no religion, we would use a different tool, war would still happen, and you are, now and forever, wrong.

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