Friday, 31 May 2013

Some news, a cool book and a completed degree!

First off, the news. I'm going to be, from now on, uploading a new blog entry every Friday (maybe more often if I feel like it). So you can expect regular updates from now on. If I fail, you can yell at me in the comments ^_^.

Nextly there is a really cool book I've been reading (very slowly) called Reality is Broken, by Jane Mcgonigal. Aside from causing me to sing Everything is Broken by Bob Dylan every time I read the book's title, it is a great book because it talks a lot about computer games. The basic premise of the book is that games are more fun than real life... by why should they be? Jane talks a lot about how to implement the same mechanisms used to make World of Warcraft like maple syrup infused with heroin into our every day lives. Mechanisms like effective feedback, epic worlds, substantial goals and levelling up. When I finish the book I'll write a "Reality is Broken: The greatest book I've ever read" where I'll go into detail on the book. It's shaping up to be a brilliant book full of innovations that could shape the future (and I hope they will).

Lastly I've finished my exams and, by extension, my degree! I am not yet a Master of Science because I havn't graduated, that's in about a month. Still though, I'm happy to have finished. If any of you have just finished too, congratulations! We are free! Whooo! Let's go get a real job! :D Or..... maybe there's no point...

Happy Summer!

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