Monday, 27 May 2013

The Human Supremacist

So, this documentary is an animal rights documentary wearing the skin of an anthropology documentary. It's a real tongue in cheek look at the idea that humans are the most superior life form on Earth. It coins the phrase "Human supremacist" and absolutely rips to pieces any argument that dogs, cats, birds, bees, trees, fleas and chicadees are inferior to humans.

The best part of the whole documentary is the part where a sophisticate is arguing with a bear about which is the superior animal. Apparently, the human is superior because it has superior intelligence, wears clothes and uses tools, however in opposition, the bear is superior because it has superior strength, has a full coat of fur and has no need for tools.

The human belief in human superiority of course comes along with the same baggage that any prejudice carries. I'm not sure that dehumanization is the right word here, but the same degradation and disrespect has been exercised on the animals, but on a larger scale. 70 billion farm animals housed in factory farms worldwide. This outnumbers the human population by tenfold. We would have to enslave everybody on earth for 10 lifetimes to match the injustice brought down upon just the animals that are alive today. This is of course not counting animal research (I personally know biology students who have spent days at a time cutting the heads off of rats), poaching, hunting and general domestication.

You might call me a bleeding heart (I am) and you might call me a tree hugger (I quite literally am) but the fact is that a healthy respect of the animal population is the only way towards a stable ecosystem. I remain thoroughly convinced that the misconception that we have the right (there's that word again) to kill, torture, maim and claim as property any animals which we happen upon is the root of the troubles of modern man. I would rather live in a world with no humans, than a world with no animals.

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