Saturday, 16 March 2013

My T'ai Chi isn't real?

So I was reading a book The essence of T'ai Chi by Waysun Liao - who would have a link if there was any information on him. I think he is a T'ai Chi master in Chicago. Here are some people talking about him if you are interested.

Anyway the point is I have been practicing Tai Chi for almost 2 years on and off now and Waysun Liao states in his book that 'most of the T'ai Chi practiced today is not the original T'ai Chi, and it is devoid of meaning.'.

The fact is I've been practicing T'ai Chi Chuan - or the T'ai Chi exercise routine. This is not a spritual practice and merely facilitates strength, agility and balance. The real stuff is called Temple Style T'ai Chi or Family Style T'ai Chi. From what I can tell, studying this requires a very serious commitment that I'm perhaps not willing to make.

Anyway, I'm sad now and I thought I would share what I'd learnt. :<

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